Introduction from a Wrestling Fan


Dear readers,

As a 19 year old university student residing in the United Kingdom, my passion for wrestling stems from old VHS tapes that my dad would lend me from a surprisingly young age. From 4 years old I would ask my dad to dust off the video player, and the clicking machine would begin to play Royal Rumble 2000, and my young self would be glued to the clunky television. I would eventually become desensitized to the bloody Cactus Jack get pedigreed onto a bed of thumbtacks, and therefore would beg my dad to show me other matches and events. This constant begging would lead to a short lifetime resulting in me developing an addiction to wrestling.

It’s simple. I loved it and I still do to this very date and time writing this short article.

The intensity of the hard hitting moves, the excitement of the colourful storylines, the involvement of cheering your favourite wrestler and booing the one you despise and the emotion from seeing these athletes change as characters and people. It wasn’t just a ‘cool trend’ that attracted me to wrestling.
In fact, it was the opposite. Other than a few wrestling figures and maybe the latest SmackDown! game, nobody I know was as interested in wrestling as I was. I would blame my dad for being my influence, however blame has a negative connotation, and there is nothing negative about what I felt from such a young age.

Wrestling was never big in my school as I grew older. It developed a horrible stigma.

“Wrestling’s fake”
“They use ketchup instead of blood”
“They land on a mattress”
“Wrestling’s gay”

This angered me, and even now I get into full blown arguments and even fist fights over these embarrassing claims. Imagine parents and teachers surprise when a 10 year old would lecture them on the instructions to a blade job, or the mechanics behind (or underneath) a wrestling ring. I was so educated on the subject matter that I could argue in praise of the company (World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment) with anyone, anywhere, at any time. I would always win.

I would continue to expand my wrestling knowledge, learning the linguistic terms and sayings, whilst stumbling through my education. I was always above average when it came to my grades, however I was always more focused on who was the number one contender, or what the stipulation was to the grudge match taking place on the next live event.

Despite this obvious distraction, I made it to university, albeit battered and bruised from the numerous ‘wrestling’s fake’ fights along the way. Nowadays, I stay proud to be a wrestling fan. I believe it is a very exciting time to be a wrestling fan, and right now is the calm before the storm. I may have left it too late to train to become a wrestler, and my out of shape physique and age may limit be now, however I love to write. I have always excelled in literary subjects, and when writing about my passions such as wrestling, it makes the whole situation enjoyable and easy.

I apologise for rambling, and if you have made it this far I owe you a drink! I just wanted to set the tone and introduce myself to the site, as I plan to write more articles. Not long winded essay’s like this one, but fresh, interesting content. I would love to take any criticism or praise that anybody on the site can offer. Thanks for reading.

A wrestling fan.

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