Is “Corporate Kane” What’s Best For Business?


After filming the sequel to the WWE Studios film, “See No Evil,” WWE Superstar Kane made his return to WWE television on RAW two weeks ago. The last time we saw Kane prior to that was at the WWE SummerSlam pay-per-view where he lost the “Ring Of Fire” match to the leader of The Wyatt Family, Bray Wyatt. Kane came back with a vengeance on RAW and cleaned house of The Wyatt Family before turning his attention to The Miz and choke-slamming him as well. Following the violence, Kane jumped on the microphone and informed Stephanie McMahon that he was “her monster to unleash” because that is what’s “best for business.”

“Best for business.” It’s a tag-line that has been tossed around often on WWE programming lately. Kane followed up his return by appearing on RAW again this past Monday night sporting a new “corporate” look. He came out in a full suit and tie with a nearly-shaved dome. He, along with The Shield, helped Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, now known as “The Authority,” take apart Big Show limb from limb. He did this because that is apparently what’s “best for business.” Is the new “corporate Kane” a good thing or a bad thing for his career? Is it best for his own business? I think so.

Glenn Jacobs has been a fixture on WWE television dating back to 1995. He has portrayed the Kane character for over 16 years, debuting with the promotion at the “Badd Blood: In Your House” pay-per-view on October 5, 1997. He has undergone a few small changes in his character, such as having a mask and then performing without the mask for a while, as well as a few short runs as a mostly comedic character. For the most part, however, he has been the same basic character. After a while, there’s only so much you can do with the guy. The act has grown somewhat tired and stale after all these years, and you can only do so much with the guy when he’s portraying the same role for nearly 20 years. People have pretty much seen it all. Until this past Monday night.

“Corporate Kane” is the fresh coat of paint that the character has needed. WWE can do things with Kane now that they haven’t been able to do in the past. journalist Ryan Clark recently pointed out that Triple H has named him the new “Director of Operations” for WWE, which goes hand-in-hand with the corporate look he portrayed this past Monday on RAW. The best part about Kane’s new role in the company is the fact that he has the goods to back up the act.

Recently, Kane has been doing a number of political interviews and has been appearing on various Libertarian podcasts to share his political views with the public. One could argue that sharing your political opinions with the world when you’re expected to be an entertainer is a risky move. Politics are a sensitive issue and could lead to Kane getting heat from fans who don’t share his views, but now that Kane is a heel and has adopted the on-air corporate role, that becomes a positive instead of a negative. Heels are supposed to draw heat with fans. That’s the cornerstone of their job description.

Another key factor in the character change for Kane is the fact that he is now aligned with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Having an on-air association with either of those two is a good career move. You can almost guarantee that Kane will again become a part of the main event picture in WWE. Anything that involves Triple H on WWE television generally receives more attention than the rest of the show. More importance is placed on the storylines that “The Game” is a part of.

The fact that Kane has a physical appearance now that we haven’t seen on a regular basis for nearly 20 years, coupled with the fact that he is a part of “The Authority” faction in WWE, things will start looking up for the man formerly known as “The Big Red Machine.” Is it best for business? It certainly is if you’re in the Kane business. Luckily for Glenn Jacobs, it’s a business he has been a part of for 16 years. Becoming “corporate Kane” may have just bought him 16 more.

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