Is Daniel Bryan Finished?


Is Daniel Bryan

So what
is the deal with Daniel Bryan? Will WWE
tell us what type of injury he has or the reasons why he has been pulled from
house shows and live events? I mean I
guess it doesn’t really matter what we as fans want but for those fans that
spend their money going to live events and the television tapings aren’t they
allowed to know why one of the biggest names on the card is effectively- off
the card.


I wrote an article previously about
WWE having a caring problem and how injuries are more prevalent and more
serious than WWE wants them to appear.
In the case of Daniel Bryan his injuries seem to be more extensive, more
serious and more concerning. Did he rush
back too soon from his last injury? We
all know that he does not care for surgery, and that is a personal choice, but
it does beg the question – is Bryan hurting himself by not opting for
surgery? I mean the holistic approach to
medicine has been around for thousands of years and the main focus is in complementary and alternative therapies such as acupuncture, chiropractic care,
homeopathy, massage therapy,
naturopathy, and other methods. Yet
the traditional athlete usually opts for surgery and that is widely considered the
quickest and most effective method.
Bryan thinks otherwise and with his extended absence in the past year he
took a holistic approach to healing his body and for the most part it seemed to
work effectively until about two weeks ago when the reports that Bryan was “banged
up” first appeared on this website. Was
it that Sheamus worked stiff in their Smackdown match or is it because Bryan is
not changing his in ring style? Is Bryan
more prone to serious injuries now because of his approach to surgery or is his
body just too beat up to continue this type of performance schedule?

No one can truly answer these
questions except Bryan and not hearing from him or seeing him on television makes
fans nervous. Is he suffering from
something more serious? Why can’t he at
least come back to TV and do some type of injury angle like he did previously
with Kane? Is WWE wanting him to rush
back from these injuries in hopes to keep his momentum and souvenir sales
going? WWE is not giving fans any reason
to be optimistic here, I mean they set up a match on the Extreme Rules PPV
versus Bad News Barrett, only to have that match be cancelled and reworked into
a pre-show Neville vs Barrett contest. I
know that for me I was a bit perplexed as to why WWE would go as far as to push
for a match with Bryan in it only to change it at the last minute due to
injury? Is anyone in WWE medical
speaking with Bryan and finding out what is really going on? Or is Bryan being guarded about his injuries
and afraid to disclose the true nature and severity of his current situation?

I guess I want to know your take on
things! What do you believe is going
on? Is Bryan’s career over? Do you see a future for a superstar that is
clearly a huge draw but also extremely injury prone? I want to believe that Bryan can come back
from this but as the body ages so does its ability to bounce back from injury
healthier and stronger than before. Yet
the real question is – is Bryan doing this to himself with his views on
surgery? Would he be better off today if
he had surgery last year? Or is Daniel
Bryan finished because of his injuries?
I guess only time will tell.  

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