Is Keith Lee The Next Dusty Rhodes?


With only a few years of wrestling under his belt, Keith Lee is well on his way to becoming something big in this business. Having come up the ranks on the indy scene, the man who tells all to “bask in his glory” is unique in the way he connects with fans. Much like his trainer Dusty Rhodes, Lee is relatable. His expressions, and eagerness to talk to fans is what makes him more than a big man who can deliver a dropkick. And his physique is much like Dusty’s, he’s not super ripped (although certainly more than Dusty ever was), he’s just a big man who can throw his weight around.

And he will undoubtedly have his critics. It’s up to him to prove the way he looks doesn’t affect how he works. It’s up to Lee to prove his style is enough to get the job done on any given night against any opponent. He’s already been handed a 5-star match rating from Dave Meltzer, which must’ve opened the eyes of Triple H and his NXT brand. Speaking of NXT, his debut was successful as it showed he can make his opponents look good too. He’s not a selfish worker in the slightest, and he’s got the kinda face Vince will enjoy plastering all over posters in the next few years.


After all .. big men with personalities? Don’t come along everyday. He’s got natural charisma and athleticism, and seems like a good guy behind the scenes as well. Of course it’s a bit early to judge his ring skills if you’ve only seen one match, so I’d like to post a video of another match later. Yet, I can already feel a sense of jealousy within the NXT roster, as a tweet from Riddick Moss (injured) seems to hint at some from him at least. Moss was pretty small a few years ago, but in the past 12 months he’s transformed in to a jacked powerhouse working in a tag team with Tino Sabbaetelli. His work paid off in promoting him from jobber to mid-card status, yet his position must be threatened if he feels ” “Hmu (hit me up) 4 dietary advice.” is a necessary comment to post. He soon deleted it, but some fans managed to snap it before he did.

There’s a lot of talent coming through and news WWE is looking for more! It feels to me like they’re building to a post-Vince McMahon generation. In case he’s no longer able to run operations, stocking up to give the company the best chance of continuing its monopoly makes sense. And you need guys like Keith Lee, guys who are bound to become household names in the next 15 years. I can’t see any downside other than he doesn’t look like your typical bodybuilder/strongman (which to some is an upside). I don’t think he’s unfit either, it’s just the way he’s built. I think it’s best to judge for ourselves, so to finish up on this introductory piece, here’s his “5-star match” with Donovan Dijak. Starts off a bit slow, but by the end you won’t have regretted seeing perhaps the first of many classics from the “Limitless” Keith Lee. Thanks for reading!

I can’t find the full match on any English site, but it’s here in full on this Chinese site:

PS: No disrespect to PWG. Support indy wrestling by going to for all the best it has to offer.

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