Is PG being phased out?


Hey guys hope you are all safe and well. 

So im writing today about something i have noticed and am wondering is it only me that is noticing it. It is the common factor that has been the downfall of WWE for sometime now, what is it? well, my friends, it is the PG rating of course. However i have noticed during the course of 2014 that the PG product is being phased, or WWE has finally found that balance between keeping the PG product happy and keeping those ATTITUDE ERA fans happy. 

So, what have i noticed?. Well  first off, and i know this is not really anything to do with the product but it does remind me alot of the attitude era and the ruthless aggression era, what i am talking about is the better and more frequent use of backstage promos and skits. On a weekly basis now there seem to be a backstage altercations on both Raw and smackdown. Monday nights raw were we seen Ambrose get beat down by orton, kane and rollins was one of the most brutal beatdowns we have seen in a long long time in WWE, and it was brilliantly followed up last night at Battleground with not 1 but 2 great backstage brawls between the aforementioned ‘lunatic fringe’ and the current ‘Mr money in the bank’, one backstage and one in the car park (or parking lot as my american friends would say). 

I have also noticed ALOT more brawling through the crowd, this can be done in PG i know but its the aggression with which it is done. Also alot more use of the announce table and people being ruthlessly mauled through the barrier to the time keepers pit. Other things i have noticed was at money in the bank, now i know orton was not meant to bleed but was it just me or they make alot less effort to cover it up and censor it than we have seen in the past?. There has been alot more swearing, now swearing was used in years past but in 2014 it seems like attitude swearing, by that i mean swearing just for the sake of swearing. The wyatt family’s promos and the Rusev and lana angle are getting pretty intense, bray wyatt the devilish, maniacal lunatic a while ago when feuding with cena was saying how he was gonna take the kids of him and have them follow his new world, also the angle in the cage match with the kid was down right freaky and im a 28 year old horror fan lol. 

I dunno, so far in 2014 everything just seems ALOT and i mean ALOT more aggressive, even the simple mid card filler match seems like the 2 guys are actually trying to take each others head off. Everything from promos, angles, matches etc seems to be done with that little bit more bad-ass-ness (yea, thats a word, in my world), perfect example, look at the promos last night for summer slam, thats seemed bad ass as hell, that makes me wanna pay my money to order it, it had explosions, angry looking wrestlers that looked mean and bad ass and the voice guy was saying how it is going to be violent. Now Compare that with the summer slam of the past few years  were it was all sunny beaches and happy wrestlers and smiling kids in the promo package. 

One last thing, Cena?…….Anyone?…..ok, let me explain, since Cena won that title it seems like he has got his attitude back, no more joking and smiling in promos and trying to make kids laugh, hell he doesnt even do his salute when coming to the ring. 

So guys is it just me? or does it look like we could be headed towards a new era? a new era without the BULLSHIT PG rating, or even WITH the 1998 style of PG programming. thanks for reading, and please no assholes criticizing me on my spelling and punctuation, i am a pot head wrestling fan, not an english master, i just wanna share my thoughts not write a lecture. Love you guys, keep er lit (irish slang for have a good day)

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