Is the authority worthy for WWE?


Stephanie McMahon and Triple H are playing wild with

the WWE fans (universe). The fans
are not so happy with this long story-line, when everybody knew that the problem
is the authority line-up itself. These character had made there time in WWE. All back in the attitude ERA,
they were excellence but now the leading executive want control everything.

For my personal view I was very hype about the “REALITY ERA” but now I am not so trill
about it ANYMORE. As a big wrestling fans I will always follow there direction (Stephanie
and triple H) because I knew that Vince McMahon is still on track. He still makes
decision and provides the excellent of the wrestling matches. Even when I saw
the end of the streak I was very sad but at a few days after I got the feeling
the actual creative head will come up with a new format and pulled out
definitely the authority story-line.

So let figure it out these executive members are
really good as professional of entertainment.  This means that one day the story will come to
an end and it will be too late. The real reality era began for me this year is NXT.

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