It Might Be Time For Christian To Hang Them Up


WWE superstar and former world heavyweight champion Christian has done it all in the WWE. With mounting injuries on a yearly basis, is it time for Captain Charisma to hang it up?

There’s no doubt the Christian is one of the best tag team wrestlers and also of all time with his best friend edge.

But since he is 40 years old has everything he’s ever done in his career caught up the captain charisma?

With all the accomplishments and all the championships that Christian won as a single and a tag team form there is no doubt that he will be a Hall of Famer down the road.

He is a two-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion, a two-time ECW World Heavyweight Champion, two-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion, 4 time Intercontinental Champion, one time European one time hardcore, one time light heavyweight and 9 time tag team champion.

Not only did he the Dudley Boys the Hardy Boys still a show at WrestleMania 2000 but they also stole the show at WrestleMania 17 in their historic TLC tag team ladders, tables and chairs match. Christian will be remembered as a tag team more than a singles competitor.

And honestly how could you blame them those matches for his store and will go down in history as one of the best tag team matches of all time.

And 2000 he was named alongside edge of the tag team of the year. In 2007 he was ranked 7th out of the 500 best singles wrestlers in the world.

With all of his accomplishments that Christian has gained over the years. There also comes time in a superstar’s career, where they know that the end is near.

Christian came back for his Elimination Chamber qualifying match where he said he wanted one more match. In this quote it makes me believe that he knows his career will come to an end very soon and he wants “one more run”.

This could be either be his last match or at WrestleMania could be his last match. Either way captain charisma matches are limited.

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