It’s Time For a WWE Offseason – Here’s How It Could Work


Think this can’t be done? What do you think MLB’s spring training is? What about the NFL draft and combine? The NBA G League? Sports don’t end just because their official season does. Neither should professional wrestling.

Build the talent of the future, highlight them on the main shows, and get fans something to talk about before the new season begins.

#7: Build WrestleMania from the start of the season

If I were to, ahem, script the Super Bowl, I’d have the layout prepared before the season starts. Build the exciting two teams from both conferences, a story that could be told and made sense.

If you watch the Super Bowl pre-show, you learn the story of the progress those two teams went through to get to this point. That in itself is captivating, and it all comes together as to how these two great teams are in this big game.

During the season, you have hope for your team to make it. When your team is in it, you revisit past games and remember those specific moments of how they got where they were. You didn’t know it then, but now you do, and that story is sometimes bigger than the game itself.

This is how WrestleMania should be, not a card put together last minute. The best WrestleMania events are those that had feuds lasting months (or even years) in the build.

If each year starting in June we start the summer with building SummerSlam, it would lead us toward a path to WrestleMania. The Long road to the biggest event of the year, something everyone would look forward to.

Similar to Nascar’s Daytona 500, SummerSlam would be the first big event of the season and kicks off the biggest party of the summer. Sure, the season would be a long one toward WrestleMania, but a lot can happen between those two events.

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An offseason doesn’t mean stop work

Above all, WWE can still be a 52-week global entertainment enterprise. They can still host monthly and live events. WWE can have enough content to air while having the main rosters off for 60 days. They just need to do it.

If WWE used the impact of COVID-19 as a way to transform the business, this is how they should do it. An offseason isn’t harmful to the business. If anything, it increases the fan’s interest in a product that seems fresh. And if you give 60 days for talent to regroup, you better believe it’ll be a fresh product that everyone can buy into.

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