Jake Roberts, DDP & Jim Ross Discuss The WWE WrestleMania 31 Pay-Per-View Event – Details


Jim Ross, Jake Roberts & Diamond Dallas Page spoke with Sports Illustrated to recap WrestleMania 31. Check out some highlights below:

 The Undertaker vs. Bray Wyatt:


 Roberts: “It’s great to see Mark [Calaway] back in the ring. Last year was tough on him. The ring psychology was pretty damn good. Bray is approaching that crossover point, where the people love you because you’re a freak and are afraid not to like you. Now I’m starting to think I’ve got one match left. I’ve already talked about it and Bray has too. It would be an awesome fairy tale ending.”

Jim Ross: “I know the ‘Taker’s been doing a lot of MMA-style training. His wife, [former WWEsuperstar] Michelle McCool, has been a real positive influence on Mark’s training. She is a physical fitness freak of nature and a big nutritionist, so he’s sleeping with the best trainer in the world. He looked fantastic.”

Sting vs. Triple H:

 Page: “Sting did a hell of a job. Going out and doing twenty minutes at ‘Mania when you haven’t done a big show in thirteen years? He delivered, and then all the other guys got involved and you have all the bells and whistles.”

Jim Ross: “DX is a spinoff of the NWO, and there were a lot of legacies on display in that presentation, including Sting. I’ve known Sting for 30 years since his rookie year in the business. More than anything, he wanted that WrestleMania moment. I know there’s already a rash of angst and anger from fans for Sting losing, but Sting’s goal was always to wrestle the Undertaker at a WrestleMania and try to break the streak. He would have lost that match, too. But Sting and Triple H told a very good story, and Sting had a lot of moments where he was shining. I loved when he threw down that baseball bat and broke the sledgehammer. That’s the moment right there that told the story – Sting is a good guy, a hero who is going to beat you without any weapons. That story is so much more important than the win-loss record.”

Seth Rollins cashing in:

 Page: “Rollins is very similar to Shawn Michaels. The size, the look, the act, the moves, and he’s not afraid to do anything. There is a great future in Rollins and he can work with anybody.”

Jim Ross: “The great thing about Rollins is he is a beatable heel who will slip and slide his way into successful title defenses. That’s also how Ric Flair defended his title. And Rollins should go right into a feud with Reigns. The WWE has a lot of bright, young guys who just need time to gain the trust and credibility with the fan base. Roman Reigns is living proof of that. The fans decided he wasn’t ready for prime time so they made him the villain. In reality, Roman Reigns just needs more time. I like how the WWE is using its staples and the nostalgic acts to give rubs to the younger guys, and I’m very interested to see where we go from here.”

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