​Jessie Godderz Discusses The TNA World Title Series, The Miz & More News


TNA’s Jessie Godderz recently spoke with Channel Guide Magazine, here are the highlights…

On the TNA World Title Series: “I think this is a blessing for everyone. A chance for anyone and everyone to showcase their abilities in matches they probably would never have had before. That’s why every single time I’m out there, I want to prove myself. I’m the future of Impact Wrestling and the leader of my group. It’s all uphill from here.”

On the confidence boost he got from watching The Miz transition from MTV to WWE: “You can never close the door on anything. Everything is truly possible if you put forth the effort and find out what you have to do to put yourself in the best position to succeed. I got to sit down and talk to him. He said, ‘you are going to hear a lot of no’s. Just don’t listen to them.’ It’s a lot easier to say no and destroy something than to build something. Just like any company or career, all the effort is in the start-up and learning to weather any storm.”

On moving away from The BroMans and into the TNA World Title picture: “It’s upward and onward and about showcasing my talent, as well as showing more of me. I like to convey that I am ‘The Man.’ All the accolades and everything I’ve accrued right now, I walk out there with that same confidence. I want to show that this is my time now. …It’s like I finally hatched out of this egg. Everyone was waiting for it to happen. The tag team was a beautiful time. I loved the time with Robbie and learned a lot, but I also knew a lot before that. I’m a finely crafted vehicle. I’m the Ferrari of professional wrestling.”

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