Jim Cornette Tweets About The Young Bucks, Ice Cube Judges John Cena


– Jim Cornette and the Young Bucks have a well-documented history and on Friday night, Cornette took another shot at the tag team. There’s a video going around of the Bucks super kicking a young child’s father then the child started kicking the bucks. Then the Bucks super kicked the kid at an indie show.

Cornette wrote:

The Bucks responded to Cornette, writing:

– Ice Cube appeared on SportsCenter and judged celebrity rappers while promoting Straight Outta Compton. WWE star John Cena was mentioned and Cube said that Cena was “a fool,” but was impressed. He noted that Cena had a little “LL,” and he expected Cena to be a little wilder.

You can watch the video at this link.

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