​Jim Ross Blogs On The Divas Revolution, The Hulk Hogan Scandal, Austin At WrestleMania, Divas


Jim Ross has updated the Q&A section of his website. Check out the highlights:

On the Hulk Hogan racism scandal: “As I said in my blog on this website, I never knew of Hogan to be a racist. He’s not unlike many top level stars, he can be problematic at times doing business but that goes for many, many talents.”

On the possibility of Steve Austin being involved at WrestleMania: “I think that they can and who said neither would definitely NOT be a part of the presentation? Hogan, I get, but Austin in a non wrestling role has not been eliminated.”

On the Diva Revolution: “I don’t really have any take on the Divas in WWE at this time other than to say that the NXT additions will help the main roster greatly and the winning streak of Nikki Bella is a non issue to me personably. If the streak helps the overall product I say roll with it.”

On the biggest misconception about him: “That I have a contentious relationship with WWE which isn’t true. I don’t always agree with what they do philosophically but that doesn’t mean anything other than that.”

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