​Jim Ross Says Fans Can Just Forget About Seeing Sting vs. The Undertaker, Talks IWC, Kane, More


Jim Ross has updated the Q&A section of his website. Check out some highlights:

On WWE possibly working with New Japan Pro Wrestling: “I’d never count WWE out of any negotiations as it relates to building their brand or associating with other groups as a source for securing new talents. In the big picture, would NJPW rather have a great deal with WWE or a great deal with ROH?”

On how WWE kept the identity of the Kane character under wraps during the Attitude Era: “I actually have never thought of that nor do I know if WWE was truly successful in keeping Kane’s identity a secret. You know the old saying…..telephone, telegraph, tell a wrestler.”

On how much WWE management would talk about the internet wrestling community: “Not much unless it was news that was meant to be kept off the grid. All in all, a non issue for the most part. Don’t know how it is today. ”

On Greg Valentine saying women have no place in wrestling: “Greg was a great in ring performer just like his Dad Johnny Valentine. Solid as a rock. I did not read his opinions on women in wrestling and he has a right to his take whether it’s a popular take or not.”

On Sting vs. Undertaker rumors: “I think that we can forget about Sting vs. Taker. All storylines in the biz can be simpler and more logical and it would make me happier. Plus, paying more attention to continuity would be smart on their part as well.”

On getting over as a wrestling announcer: “Product knowledge, sense of timing and humor, ability to communicate in sound bytes are all good starting points with the bottom line being that the goal is to get talents over and not yourself.”

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