Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa Could Be Each Other’s Worst Enemy


As I was watching NXT’s 2/15 episode and watched D.I.Y. make their way to the ring and do what they do. I began to think, as great of a tag-team these two are together, there could be a hellacious feud between the two. Together, Gargano and Ciampa are one of the best tag-teams in WWE but when you look at these two and realize how complete opposites they are it made me wonder what it would be like if they clashed. So, I went back to watch their 1st round match at the Cruiserweight Classic on the WWE Network and they told a hell of a story inside of the ring which portrays how they work with one another against other tag-teams.

Johnny Gargano is one of the most believable baby-faces in WWE. He makes you believe that he cannot withstand any more pain and when it looks as if he is about to give up, he continues to fight. Ciampa on the other hand, is the strength behind the duo. In most of D.I. Y’s matches, while Gargano is fighting to stay in the match, Ciampa is usually the one who gets in the match and dominates which gets Gargano going. In their match at the Cruiserweight Classic, Gargano was beaten down by his partner. Move after move, Ciampa was slowly breaking down Gargano with hard-hitting maneuvers, strikes and holds. But, Gargano showed tremendous heart and got an upset over Ciampa in a match that was one of the more intriguing matches of the tournament as far as storytelling inside of the ring.


Hopefully, we may never have to see the split of D.I.Y. because these two athletes together make magic in the ring proven by being a part of the 2016 match of the year. Gargano and Ciampa are arguably the best baby-face team in all of WWE. But, it is not hard to imagine Ciampa turning on Gargano because he may feel as if he has carried him through matches and may want to shine on his own. Again, hopefully we get to enjoy D.I.Y. for many more years to come but it would be a pleasure to see these two best-friends battle it out.

Let me know in the comment section: Would you like to see a D.I.Y. split in the future and if so how would you book it? Hope you guys enjoyed.

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