​Josh Bredl Discusses His Future Plans Following His WWE Tough Enough Win, & More


In an interview with WWE.com, Josh Bredl spoke about winning Tough Enough and if his $250,000 contract will increase the pressure on him to succeed after his win. Here are highlights:

On how he’s taken to life in the ring: “I definitely love to compete, no matter what it is, and so the fact that now it’s in the ring, I’m not only competing with other people, I’m competing with myself. When this started out, I really wanted this, and it’s really turned into something that I need now. That being said, yes, I’ve got the itch, I’ve been infected by this thing, man, so I’m always craving it. I always want more, and the fact I’m learning at an exponential rate just fires me up more. I want to take the next step all the time.”

On if his lucrative contract will add to the pressure to succeed: “Going into this thing I knew I was going to have to earn respect and it wasn’t just going to be given to me. Triple H definitely understands that I’m a competitive guy. It’s natural. I’m not boasting about it; it’s just something that I always need and want, and headed into the Performance Center, coming up here to train, I know I have a whole lot to learn, and I’m not coming in here cocky at all. The contract’s great, but contract or not, I want to do this, and the fact that there’s a dollar sign on my head and a target painted on my back now, I’m just going to have to own that and live up to it and kill everybody with kindness. I have to let everybody know I’m here for business. I’m not here to make friends or not make friends; I’m here for the business. I’m here to go to work, and if my coworkers love me, I’m going to love them back.”

On everyone thinking he’ll be a big deal: “That’s huge for me. I guess my presence speaks for itself. I always took a lot of pride in letting my work speak for itself and letting my body language speak for me. I think it’s a lot more impactful than being this cocky, young guy who opens his mouth and craves attention. I’m just going to keep that up and try to earn the respect of all these people and all these Legends. Take it in my back pocket and make that propel me forward in this career.”

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