​JTG Says He Experienced Racism In WWE, Discusses Shad Gaspard’s WWE Release & More


Here are some highlights from tonight’s AMA with JTG to promote his recent book:

On if experienced racism in WWE: “I definitely experienced some racism in WWE, and no I don’t think they do a good enough job when the majority of the African American wrestlers are pigeonholed into being the angry black guys, shuckin and jivin or rapping and singing…”

On whether Cryme Time was stereotypical: “Kind of…because Shad and I was from Brooklyn and hip hop was our culture. Cryme Tyme was us with the volume turned up so we didn’t have to go out of our way to play those characters.”

On which WWE stars he would revamp if he could: “New Day and I would turn them into the new Nation of Domination.”

On being part of Lita’s WWE sendoff: “We spoke to her and she said it was okay and I felt a little bit better about it. At first I was a little bothered by it until she said it was okay.”

On whether Cryme Tyme had any other team names in mind: “Some of the names were Hoodie Nation and I’m glad that didn’t work out.”

On splitting with Shad and Shad’s WWE release: “We both wanted to go our separate ways to see where a singles career would go. And I was bummed out about his release because I didn’t feel like he got a shot.”

On whether Cryme Tyme could work in today’s WWE: “Definitely.”

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