Just the facts, Jack! WM Edition.


Ok..  Those who know me or have read what I have written before know that I only write when I have
something to say.  It is my feeling that
writing just for the sake of writing is pretty much a waste of time and energy.

So… First of all, what is all this talk about Lesnar
breaking the streak?  Let’s face it
folks, it just ain’t gonna happen!  That
match will definitely be physical and Taker is smart enough to set it up so the
streak will look like it is in peril several times, but Taker will win…
Guaranteed!  And, here is why.

There is literally not fathomable argument short of
psychosis for Lesnar to win.  Lesnar is
not the new break-out star of the WWE. 
He is an Attitude Era holdout who is working a very limited part time schedule.  He already has a well-established persona,
and doesn’t need a huge rub to sell himself as “The Beast.”  Triple H lost three times.  His best friend, HBK, lost twice.  If the streak was a gift to be given, one of
them would have gotten it. 

To top it off, the running theory is that it will be
Sting/Taker at Mania 31…  How do they do
that if the streak gets broken?  And, we
all know Cena will get at least one shot at it before it all said and done.  Face it folks.  They will put on an astonishingly physical match,
but Taker will go over at the end of the day.  
And that’s the bottom line because.. Well..  That’s just the bottom line.

Number two.  Daniel
Bryan will leave WM as WWE World Heavyweight Champion.  They have spent the better part of a year on this storyline
of Bryan trying to win the title and having HHH and The Authority derail him at
every turn.  They basically lost total
control of the Royal Rumble over it. 
Now, they set up the scenario for Bryan to face HHH and then go on to
have his moment where he walks out as champion, and people seriously think that
HHH will be booked to win and go on to the match for a title he doesn’t even have the
time or inclination to carry. 

Seriously folks, what sense does that make?  Why would they run this slow burn buildup for
no payoff?  And how on earth do you think
they will have any control of RAW on Monday if Wrestlemania doesn’t end with
celebration and YES! chants bringing down the house?

Who will win the battle royal?  Will Wyatt go over Cena?  Will AJ retain? What about the Uso’s?  Your guess is as good as mine.. But, two
things are for sure.  Lesnar loses and
Bryan wins.  Those are just the facts,

As usual, your thoughts and comments are welcome.

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