Just To See What Happens


I have been an avid wrestling fan for the last 30 years and no matter what, I still watch.  Batista returns after 4 years, wins the Royal Rumble and gets a main event at Wrestlemania XXX without doing a thing to earn it recently…I watched…I got mad…I continued to watch…just to see what happened.  The Rock being a part-time wrestler and carrying the title for a couple of months…I watched…I got mad…I continued to watch…I even rooted for John Cena to beat him for the title…just to see what happened.  Wrestling is to me what General Hospital is to my wife…I will always watch…I will always live vicariously through what I watch….I will get mad…I will get happy….I will continue to watch and enjoy.  

People criticize TNA for the way it is run and I cannot argue with them because they are right.  They have some talent there and have had some talent leave, but they are still there and they are struggling, and although I work on Thursday nights, I DVR Impact and I watch…just to see what happened and just to see what future stars there may be out there.  Face it folks, if TNA goes under, these people will seek work elsewhere…possibly even the WWE…and we will continue to watch…we will continue to get mad…we will continue to get happy…just to see what happens.

Now Jeff Jarrett is coming back with another wrestling promotion…Global Force Wrestling.  Yep, you guessed it.  I will watch…I will get mad…I will get happy…I will continue to watch…Just to see what happens.  And so will many of you. 

 I began watching when my older brother was obsessed with Macho Man Randy Savage when I was about 10 years old.  I became hooked.  I used to put my cable box…the old ones with the rotary dials on them..on channel 25 and turn the dial to futz with the signal and, although I couldn’t see the broadcast, I would get the commentary for any Pay Per View that was on…including the first Wrestlemania.  I have never missed a Wrestlemania.  I won’t read the dirt sheets for results of any PPV before I watch them.  I watch…I get happy…I get mad…I continue to watch…yep, that’s right..just to see what happens.

We argue on the internet, yet we still watch.  We complain when our favorites don’t get written the way we want them to.  We threaten to never watch again.  But what do we really do?  We watch…we get happy…we get mad…we continue to watch…just to see what happens. 

Stop complaining about the writing and enjoy the show for what it is.  Let’s all enjoy ourselves as time moves forward and continue to support the products that are out there, because without them, we wouldn’t it anymore to get us into such heated debates over the results.

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