Justin Roberts Talks About His Departure From WWE


Former WWE ring announcer Justin Roberts appeared on the Ross Report to talk about his departure from WWE, how he landed the gig there in the first place, the first match he announced, his love of WCW, his favorite matches, and growing up a wrestling fan.

Down below is Roberts talking about his departure from World Wrestling Entertainment.

“It wasn’t my call it was theirs. They weren’t going to renew my contract. It was pretty much the standard, we’re going in a different direction. I obviously think that going in a different direction there’s pretty much more to it as far as a lot of little things. There were many things, I’m writing my book now and I’m discussing those things [in the book]. ‘We’re not going to renew your contract, you’re not being fired, the door is always open’ and that’s cool. What leads to that? Could it actually turn into a different direction? Maybe, but there were a lot of little things in my head that I think added to that and I go into great detail in the story [in his book] I’m writing now. I’m just telling my story.”

Roberts then backed off the matter and Jim Ross chimed in by saying that it wasn’t fair for him to ask Justin to go into more details on his release due to him currently writing a book.

Roberts would also say that it’s nothing like him making us buy the book to find out the reason why, but just because there’s a lot of little details on why he was released and he explains in the book.

The book doesn’t have a current release date. Ross insisted that he’ll read Robert’s book and will have him back on the podcast to discuss it in more detail.

“I also read that I couldn’t come to terms with WWE, said Roberts. “I also read that I got into an altercation with Michael Cole. Out of the thousand of people that were at the show (his final WWE appearance) not one of them saw me have eye contact with him. Cole sits there with headsets that have headsets under them and is just focused. He’s talking to other commentators as well as Vince and Kevin, so there’s no communication between he and I.”

This is a great episode of the Ross Report, which you can listen to here:

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