​Kelly Kelly Discusses A Possible Return To WWE, The Total Divas Reality Show & Whether She’d Appear


During a recent interview with The Rack, former WWE “Diva” Kelly Kelly discussed whether she ever misses being in a WWE ring, the WWE Total Divas reality show and whether she’d appear on the show if she was offered a role and more. Here are some highlights from the interview:

On whether she ever misses being in WWE: “I miss the performing, you know. I miss performing for the fans, I miss walking through the curtain and having them cheer for me. So that’s the part I miss for sure. I feel like I’m able to get that fix with being on WAGS because you either love me or you hate me and so in the end I feel like I’m able to keep my fans and they’re able to see a different side of me; they’re able to see how I am in my everyday life, which in WWE they weren’t able to see. They were just seeing a character.”

On if she would have been interested in a Total Divas role if she was still in the company: “I think when I left, it was my time. I just had a lot of issues with my neck and my body. When you’re wrestling 300 days a year, your body is doing things it’s not meant to do and you definitely get injuries very quickly. So, I just started to get a lot of injuries and I was just ready to spend time at home with Sheldon and we were getting a lot more serious. I just felt like it was my time, so when Total Divas came up, I just couldn’t go back to doing that schedule. But I feel like WAGS was the perfect place for me to be.”

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