​Kelly Kelly Discusses Her WAGS Reality Show & How The Fans Have Continued To Support Her, More


In an interview with Channel Guide Magazine, Barbie “Kelly Kelly” Blank promoted the season finale of her reality show WAGS, which will air on E!. Here are highlights:

On how she thinks the program will come off on camera: “I feel like with any reality show you kind of have reservations. You don’t know how you are going to be portrayed. With me, I’m just going to be myself. Then either people are going to like me or they’re not. I’m actually very happy with how the season has gone and how I was portrayed because it really is just me. I’m not trying to play a part or be somebody I’m not. I’m very happy with how the show has gone. My fiancé has been supportive when the idea was brought to me. He said, ‘You know what baby. This is a great opportunity. Have fun with it. Be yourself and go for it.’ So I had his blessing. So I was able to have fun with it.”

On how experiences in wrestling helped her start a reality show: “I feel like the girls aren’t really used to having the cameras in your face and stuff like that because I don’t think many of them have done what I have done. I think especially when it came to social media and getting criticized on social media. I know that has been hard for a lot of the girls. I’m so used to it. I used to get ‘you suck’ all the time on Twitter or ‘you can’t wrestle.’ I’m so used to the hating on social media. I don’t even give it a glance anymore.”

On WWE fans watching but the company not supporting the show: “They [the fans] have watched every week. They are so supportive of it. The lead-in is ‘Total Divas.’ So it’s perfect because fans want to also know what it’s like after WWE and what life is like. It’s the perfect transition into that. You know WWE hasn’t been very supportive, so that’s kind of upsetting. I’ve gave them so many years. We’re on the same network. We are right after ‘Total Divas.’ They just haven’t given any support whatsoever. They support when guys do other things outside of the business like The Rock and Steve Austin. They support them fully. For me, it’s like really? We didn’t have a falling out. I left on good terms. Now that I’m doing this on my own, and I’m on the same network, you could be more supportive. So that has been upsetting, but people I used to work with and a lot of the wrestlers watch it. So that’s great to have their support. Maryse came on this season, so that was cool. It has been good.”

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