​Kelly Kelly Discusses Leaving WWE, Her New Reality Show & Lots More


Barbie Blank (aka Kelly Kelly) spoke with Fashion Style about her role in E!’s new reality show WAGS, about the wives and girlfriends of pro athletes. Blank is engaged to former NHL defenceman Sheldon Souray. Check out the highlights; the series premieres on Tuesday night after Total Divas.

On what to expect from the show: “They can expect to see a lot of drama. Friendships go up and down and relationships go up and down. It’s a great look at what women in the WAG world go through on a daily basis, how we deal with our men being on the road, having our own identities and careers and lots more.”

On transitioning from WWE to reality television: “They are both very similar, WWE is just like a soap opera but with wrestling, while Reality TV is just like that but the characters are real and the drama is real. The transition was very easy for me because I’m used to the cameras being around and I was very comfortable so I was able to be myself.”

On her biggest challenge on the show: “I would have to say the biggest challenge was to not let myself get into my old wrestling character (haha), because when I would get into arguments with the other girls I would automatically turn into a WWE Diva. So I had to remind myself how would Barbie react? Not Kelly Kelly — we are not in a wrestling ring. Even though sometimes I wish I could be with some of the girls.”

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