Kevin Owens’ Time is Now….WWE’s Next Star is Ready to Fly!


WWE officials are in a prime position to try new things. We all know the ratings are at an all-time low, and putting the belt on Sheamus isn’t creating a new interest anytime soon. What they needed to do was put the strap on someone who could command a ratings spike and inject hope into a stale product.

As of now, their top guys like John Cena, Randy Orton, The Undertaker, Sting, Daniel Bryan and Brock Lesnar have become completely unreliable. The injuries are beginning to mount and the age factor is becoming a big issue. Now is the time to create that next star.


This brings me to the present. Who can lead? Who should be entrusted to start lifting this ship out of muddy waters? In 2011, there had been stories circulating around the internet world about a wrestler from the Ring of Honor organization who was cutting some of the best promos in wrestling and was gaining a huge following as an anti-authority figure. This man was putting on some of the best matches on the circuit and was developing an excitement that doesn’t come along all the time. This man was Kevin Steen.

WWE officials knew this was a wrestler that had what it takes to flourish in the right situation. This led to the decision of signing him to a contract and rebranding him as K.O., Kevin Owens. He emerged as a no-nonsense brawler who fans immediately got hooked on. The average wrestling fan knew it was only a matter of time before his opportunity would present itself within the WWE. Not to play off the words of John Cena, but the time is now.

There were still many questions that surrounded the up and coming superstar that needed to be answered. How would his style fit into the ring? Would he continue to own the gimmick of standing up to authority or would his whole makeup be changed? Who would he rival on the main roster?

Some of these questions were answered when he debuted on Monday Night Raw during John Cena’s US Title Open Challenge and ended up delivering a pop-up powerbomb to the WWE’s most heralded player. Not since The Shield debuted by tossing Ryback through the announce table at Survivor Series 2012 has someone made this kind of impact. Owens was entrusted with feuding with the company’s top guy on his debut. Did he let anyone down? Not a chance. In fact, it has proven to be one of Cena’s better feuds in recent years.

Owens could very well be the company’s next megastar. He’s everything that wrestling fans love. Putting the belt on Owens could create an interesting buzz and one that could continue to grow. There is no denying his popularity and the way he works a crowd seems effortless. Still there seems to be questions surrounding his presence as the next guy in line. You only have to look at the times where he’s been given a bit of serious exposure and monitor the results. NXT was at the peak of its powers when Owens was on top and wrestling guys like Sami Zayn. His heel turn on Zayn was a well-orchestrated storyline that eclipsed anything that was being done on the main show. It also set up an incredible feud with Owens that would carry the brand for a few months.

There has been plenty of speculation around the industry that Owens has major supporters in big positions within the WWE. While he may not look like the prototypical athlete, he has everything the company wants in a top guy, and perhaps most importantly, it appears that he has the backing of Triple H. Hunter knows the WWE is in a spot to make the next star. He knows his upper echelon talent is starting to get banged up and high in age. He is a savvy business man who knows what is going to put people in the seats. The Sheamus reign could be just a stopgap until creative can get their script lined up heading towards WM 32. The possibilities are sinking with every injury, so getting rid of the briefcase before the Royal Rumble and WrestleMania could be a brilliant move. Let Sheamus be champ for a few months and continue to build towards a final decision.

In my opinion, Kevin Owens is already a star that is just waiting in line to be on the top. I still think we have a scenario where Roman wins the belt at the Royal Rumble and Owens wins the right to face him at WM 32. This could be one hell of match between two of the companies next mega-stars. In essence, this could even give creative the time to have Sami Zayn come back and battle with Owens for the IC belt. I know some will say this is far-fetched, but I still think it is very possible.

There are still many questions that lay unanswered. We can continue to talk about who or what needs to happen with some of the top talent on the shelf. One thing is certain, the WWE needs a star to step up and Kevin Owens seems to be the one with the biggest move! Thoughts?

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