​Kevin “Steen” Owens Officially Debuts On RAW – Owens vs. John Cena Confirmed For Elimination Chamber


As seen on RAW, current WWE NXT World Heavyweight Champion Kevin “Steen” Owens made his official WWE main roster debut on Monday’s WWE RAW broadcast. He came out during John Cena’s U.S Open challenge segment. Here is a recap from our live WWE RAW report:

When we return from the break, the U.S. Champion — John Cena — makes his way to the ring for this week’s “U.S. Open Challenge.” Cena raises the US Title and gets a USA chant going. Cena says “never give up” helped him keep the title where it belongs last night. He talk about defeating Rusev at Payback and gets another USA chant going. Cena goes on about how everyone gets a shot and says this is our championship. He kicks off the challenge and out comes WWE NXT Champion Kevin Owens for the shocker. Owens takes his time walking to the ring with the NXT Title in hand. He stands in the ring and stares Cena down. Owens takes the mic and says hello to Cena. Owens congratulates Cena on his win at Payback and says it was impressive. Owens says he would introduce himself but Cena knows exactly who he is. The crowd pops. Owens says if anyone doesn’t know who he is, then those people aren’t worth his time in the first place. Cena cuts him off and introduces Owens, which gets a pop. Owens thanks him and says that was nice. Owens knows Cena feels guilty about the injury Sami Zayn suffered on RAW a few weeks back. Owens says Sami was injured before that because he’s the one who injured him. Owens says he’s going to finish what he started with Sami at Takeover: Unstoppable on Wednesday. Cena says that was a fine speech but Owens has a lot to learn. Cena tells Owens to listen up. He says no fan is to be told they’re not worth time because without the fans, there is no Owens and there is no WWE. Cena says we’re here because of the fans and they pop. Cena offers some veteran advice but Owens cuts him off. Owens says he’s been doing this for 15 years and has been doing it longer than Cena. Owens says he just didn’t get a break until now. Owens says Cena doesn’t get to give him advice ever. Cena says fine, he will give Owens a warning. Cena say she doesn’t see fire in Owens’ eyes like he saw with Sami. Cena says he sees a scared kid that tried to rattle the cage of John Cena but now he’s crapping his pants because he realizes he bit off more than he can chew. Cena warns Owens that Sami might take him out at Takeover. Cena asks Owens if he wants the shot. Owens says he’s a prizefighter but already has a prize – the NXT Title. Fans boo. Owens turns down the challenge and fans boo. Owens promises they will fight one day but says it will be on his terms.

Out of nowhere Owens nails a low kick on Cena. Owens nails the powerbomb and a “fight Owens fight” chant starts. Owens stomps on the US Title and does the “you can’t see me” taunt over Cena before walking out as his music hits.

In a backstage segment later in the show, Kevin Owens announced that he’ll be facing John Cena for the United States title at the WWE Elimination Chamber pay-per-view.

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