Kicked Out At One: It’s Too Soon To Feed Rusev To The John Cena Machine.


Welcome to Kicked Out At One. Just a little mission statement from me before we begin and perhaps to the delight of some of the many readers at
EWN, this blogger will not be producing: Fantasy cards, PPV predictions, PPV Reviews, Rants and definitely NO Q&A Sessions. So lets take a look at whats occurring in the industry at the moment.

John Cena vs. Rusev

I mustn’t be the only person who thinks this rivalry seems a little premature. Word on the street is that Rusev’s next opponent will be John Cena if speculation is to be believed. I for one believe this to be the worst move WWE could make in Rusev’s relatively short WWE Career. The next logical step would surely be a Championship pursuit, and I’m specifically talking about the United States Championship. Imagine the heat it would draw as Rusev holds the US Championship in spite at the North American chapter of the WWE Universe. Not only that but a rivalry between Sheamus and Rusev would not only help Sheamus’ apparent languishing in the mid-card but also give The Bulgarian Brute the opportunity to knock off (if I am correct in believing) his first former WWE Champion.

Where Rusev goes after this? Well I am no Wrestling booker but wouldn’t it be better to wait until Wrestlemania 31 for Cena and Rusev to square off. Rushing into this rivalry now could end up hurting the currently impressive looking Bulgarian. One only has to look at past Monster Heel characters who have been thrust into the main event too soon, only to be hammered straight into obscurity. Let’s hope WWE doesn’t feed Rusev into the John Cena machine and give the character space to grow and evolve naturally.

Brodus Clay’s TNA Debut

This was only a matter of when, not if. TNA has been crying out for it’s own monster heel character for quite some time now. Its really been a one man Abyss show for too long now. Hopefully TNA see’s this opportunity and the talented individual through to his full potential and not squander an obvious golden ticket. So I hope not to see the TNA World Heavyweight Championship around his waist within the next month, which seems to be an accepted practice over there, oh and before I forget and no dinosaur poses please.

The Ascension…. Ascend 

It would seem like after losing the NXT Tag Team Championships that this team is heading for the main roster in the very near future. This can only be good news to any tag team enthusiasts out there. The past few years in WWE has seen a Tag Team renaissance so to say. The addition of The Ascension can only further expand the potential of the Division. I can only hope WWE decides to bring back some of that early 2000’s edge (no pun intended) such as all the classic TLC battles and Tag Team Turmoil matches. WWE needs this excitement in it’s existence once again.

Just a few short points I wanted to talk about with you all. I hope you enjoyed my thoughts and if you have any opinions please leave them in the comments below. As with my first two blogs I am more than happy to debate my blog and wrestling in general.with everyone on the site. Until next time…

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