King Of The Ring Winners


1985- Don Muraco (King Muraco) (Inaugural Winner)

1986- Harley Race (King Race)

1987- Randy Savage (King Savage)

1988- Ted DiBiase (King DiBiase)

1989- Tito Santana (King Santana)

1991- Bret Hart (King Heart)

1993- Bret Hart (King Heart) No.2

1994- Owen Hart (King of Hearts)

1995- Mabel (King Mabel)

1996- Stone Cold Steve Austin (King Austin)

1997- Triple H (King HHH)

1998- Ken Shamrock (King Shamrock)

1999- Billy Gunn (King Gunn)

2000- Kurt Angle (King Angle)

2001- Edge (King Edge)

2002- Brock Lesnar (King Lesnar)

2006- Booker T (King Booker)

2008- William Regal (King Regal)

2010- Sheamus (King Sheamus)

Will We Ever See Another King?

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