Lars Sullivan’s Release Took Far Too Long & More Quick Takes


But it’s even stranger that this happened after he had been given a new lease by teaming with King Corbin. He and Wesley Blake were The Knights of the Lone Wolf. I guess now, it’s just “King Corbin and The Knight of the Lone Wolf” which is just absurd, unless they bring in someone else.

You’d have thought Jaxson Ryker would have been the one released as he’s the guy who got The Forgotten Sons out of the loop for a few months. But he’s tagging with Elias and featured every week on Monday Night Raw, so he’s doing better than Cutler and Blake.

Strange world. Isn’t it?

So what happens now with Corbin and Blake? Do they get a new partner? I’d like to see that happen, but after glancing at the roster, there isn’t a single person I can imagine in that role. Maybe Tucker Knight?

Blake can’t really work too well as the solo partner of Corbin, in my mind, so maybe he goes back down to NXT as just another guy there. But if that’s the case, you might as well release him, as he’s had years to go somewhere and just can’t make it. Sooner or later, you have to cut bait.

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