Lingomania! (A-Z)


This is a re-post of all ten Lingomania’s in one bootylicious collection! Most terms remain and most descriptions are updated. Inserted new pics over the broken ones too. Please let me know if there’s any missing terms or big mistakes. Thanks!


Quite an obvious one, but one you don’t hear often. An A-show is an event when the top draws in the company band together to put on the best show. Think of Raw as WWE’s weekly A-Show, and Wrestlemania as their biggest A-Show of the calendar year.



Vince is famous for this. It’s when an angle/feud/gimmick is cut short with no explanation. Remember impostor Kane? The one who disappeared with no explanation?

Another example, TNA Wrestling cut The Beat Down Clan stable from recorded episodes because they fired Hernandez and didn’t want him on the show. So they were forced to edit all BDC footage and replace it with recaps and other segments. They were heavily involved in the product for months, then suddenly disappeared with little mention. MVP and others left the promotion over the decision.


A management employee, usually a former wrestler (but doesn’t need to be) who helps the current wrestlers set up matches, plan storylines, and give instructions from the bookers. They often act as the liaison between wrestlers and higher management. WWE call them producers, while other promotions call them (road) agents.


A fictional storyline. An angle can last a day or several years, depending on how “over” it becomes. Angles are often used to enhance feuds or to make a wrestler look strong in the eyes of the viewer. There’s no limit to how many wrestlers (and non-wrestlers) can be involved.

Apter Mag

Generally refers to wrestling magazines designed to give content which remains true to kayfabe. The most common being PWI (Pro Wrestling Illustrated), which was associated with Bill Apter. This one’s for Harley Race daddy.

Arm Color

Rarely happens, but sometimes when an arm gets “color”, it means the wrestler bladed their arm or were cut open the hard way. Best example of this would be the wrestler Abyss in TNA wrestling, who’s been known to have arm color during some of his Monster’s Ball matches.

Around The Horn/Loop

More of a term used by wrestlers on the road, Around the horn (or loop) refers to a road trip to each town or a series of towns in which a promotion runs events.


Often shortened to “face”. The term babyface is one of the oldest and remains very common. The term was coined from the idea of putting the “nicest” looking guy over as champion so the fans could get behind them as they fought the ugly “heels”.

Backyard Wrestling

When a group of untrained wrestlers (usually teenagers) “try it at home” as a hobby. It can also refer to an independent promotion with little drawing power.


Quite a simple one really. When a wrestler is taking a beating from another wrestler, or more commonly a group of wrestlers.


Also called juicing. Blading is the art of keeping a small blade hidden away in a wrestler’s trunks, wrist tape, or on the referee (who will pass it to the wrestler when it’s time), so when the match reaches a certain point the wrestler can cut themselves as the camera pans away; simulating a nasty blow to the head. Ric Flair is best known for blading.


When a referee is distracted by a heel, often to the point of annoyance to the viewer as the referee loses all sight (& hearing) while the heel(s) cheat and beatdown the babyface. Earl Hebner is known as the blindest referee in wrestling.

Blind Tag

Often used in tag team matches (or four corners). A wrestler tags his partner .. which the referee sees, but their opponent in the ring doesn’t. The blind tag can give the team a huge advantage, sometimes going as far as winning the match quickly afterwards.

The other form of blind tag is when a referee is distracted by the heels and a tag is made by the babyfaces. The face will enter the match, but is cut off by the referee who claims they are not legal. The referee argues with the face while the heels enter the ring and ambush their partner; much to the disdain of the audience.

Blown Spot

Also known as a missed spot. While some may call it a sequence of botches, a blown spot is a series of mis-timed moves, with both wrestlers selling the moves too much, or too little, resulting in a sloppy sequence.

Blow Off

The final match to end a feud. It can also refer to the last match between two rivals before they leave a promotion. The best example I can think of is Eddie Guerrero vs Dean Malenko’s last ECW match.

Blow Up

When a wrestler is exhausted during a match. This usually happens to heavier wrestlers with more body fat. Not always though, as The Ultimate Warrior often blew up during his matches. Some may say the wrestler is “sucking wind”.


The screenwriter of a promotion; they book the wrestling card and angles. They decide who goes over and who puts others over. Good bookers are able to entertain the crowd with logical stories paired with exciting matches and feuds. Bad bookers are often criticized for boring cards and controversial angles. You can’t blame wrestlers when they go over, as it’s always the bookers decision. Except back in the WCW days when some wrestlers had the power to book themselves.

Boom Boom Boom

Sometimes called the “meat of the match”. When wrestlers talk through their plans for their upcoming match, the flurry of moves before the finish can sometimes be called this. “We’ll start out with a test of strength, then.. boom boom boom, and the heels run in for the DQ.”


If you have never seen Botchamania, go to YouTube and watch some; it’s quite addictive. For those who don’t know what a botch is, it’s an embarrassing mistake made by anyone in the business, whether they’re wrestling, commentating, or cutting a promo. A botch can range from an amusing hiccup, to something so bad it can end a career. These days I refer to every mistake on television as a botch.


An old term used to describe the move leading to the pinfall.


A time limit draw. It’s called this because both wrestlers “go over” in the process. A good example of a broadway was Samoa Joe vs CM Punk in ROH. It’s rare to see a broadway nowadays.

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