List of Superstars Who Should Turn Heel/Face


Certain superstars just aren’t clicking with their current character and I believe the following wrestlers would gain some momentum in the company if these things happen.

Kofi Kingston: Let’s not beat around the bush here. Kofi is a very, very good athlete. He is also very, very boring. The man just doesn’t excite anymore. Since 2008, we have seen the same guy do the same things. He comes to the entrance ramp, does his “BOOM BOOM BOOM”, shakes hands, jumps around in the ring, high flying stuff, Trouble In Paradise, SOS, and he celebrates. And in worse situations, he actually gets an interview after the match is over. The dude needs to turn heel. Look back at his feud against Randy Orton in 2009. The man wasn’t a heel, but he showed some attitude and was actually exciting to watch. I’m tired of seeing that smile he always have. What’s so great about being a permanent mid-card player?

Fandango: Fandango hasn’t done much. Well, he hasn’t done anything at all. But WWE is still trying to play the heel game with him, and I don’t think that it is working. At first, he was a “pet project”. Now, he is a glorified jobber. I have noticed something though. He can get the crowd engaged just by his theme song (thanks in part to the RAW after WrestleMania), and the eye-candy, Summer Rae. If he were to turn face, I think it would much better suit him. I really don’t see any way he can be taken seriously as a heel. It just doesn’t fit his persona for me.

Sheamus: He isn’t back yet, but I have a hunch that he will make his return back to the Royal Rumble, and he should be a heel. The man is just far too obnoxious as a face. Always smiling and making jokes, which were painfully horrible. As a heel, though, he is a legit threat. We are talking about a man who defeated John Cena in his first year for the WWE Championship. The man has great power and skill in the ring. So if WWE were wise, and wants another top heel, Sheamus could be that guy.

Antonio Cesaro: I am eagerly awaiting the day where WWE will finally decide to take Cesaro seriously. The man is a top 5 wrestler in the WWE. He can put great performances, though that it is never much of a surprise when it comes to him. Being in the Real Americans is doing nothing more than holding him back. WWE has chosen not to give The Real Americans the titles yet, which I believe was a mistake, so why is he still there? Set him free, and make him go back on his own again. But this time, push him as a face. Don’t push him as the Anti-American, yodeling heel that we saw in 2013.

The Miz: First, Miz TV is one of the worst segments I have ever seen in my life. It needs to go. Secondly, I’m still not sure if The Miz is a face or not, but just for the record, he needs to be a heel. Now The Miz is INCREDIBLY annoying whether or not he is a face. But he is far less obnoxious when he is a heel. If he does turn heel, then he can quite possibly insert himself back into the main event and competing for World Titles again (though I’m a bit skeptical WWE would allow him to hold both titles). Not many people realize that The Miz is a very accomplished wrestler. He has been Unified Tag Champs with the Big Show, John Cena (only for less than an hour though), and John Morrison. He has held both the United States and Intercontinental Championships. And of course, he has held the WWE Championship. The only issue is that he lacks that edge as a face. Give him another try as a heel and let’s see what he can do.

Roman Reigns: It is clear by Reigns pinning the second top face in the WWE that he is going to be the first to turn face and have the best short-term future. We all know The Shield is going to break up sooner or later, and by the way WWE is singling out Reigns in almost every segment they are in, it is clear that he will be the first to do it. And he should. I know he is going to turn face soon, but I just hope that WWE doesn’t stall the development of someone who is being compared to a modern day Batista.

Mark Henry: I refuse to understand why WWE always turns Henry face. The guy is a monster heel! The man is a great threat to the rest of the WWE locker room. He is tough, his promos are convincing, and he makes even the top tier superstars of this company grovel at his feet. Henry may not get much time after this, because of the injury storyline he is playing and hopefully Henry’s career doesn’t end soon. But he is the World’s Strongest Man. He shouldn’t be pushed as the World’s Strongest Face.

Heath Slater: Sure, WWE may not have much use for them with the exception of a quick jobber match, but by god this stable, and Heath Slater as a heel has to end now. Now I am on the record for calling Heath, and I quote, an “uncharismatic goofball”. I have called him that because that is all that WWE has pushed him after he split from Nexus. He spent 2010 and 2011 as part of a failed stable in the Nexus, 2012 challenging legends, and 2013 as a part of 3MB and nothing has worked. So why not turn him face and at least see what he can do. And if he can get the crowd over and convince WWE creative (and me to change my perception on him), then he can see himself competing for the mid-card titles.

Did i miss anybody? Comment below.

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