Looking At A Possible New Nation Of Domination Faction


It’s a great time to be a part of a faction in WWE these days. In fact, there are very few times you can point out in history where there have been three factions as strong as the likes of The Wyatt Family, The Shield and Evolution all working at the same time.

If the rumors are true, we could be looking at a potential fourth addition to that list.

Well, technically.

Since “The Animal” Batista is scheduled to take a few months off in the near future, Evolution may not be around when, or if this new faction comes to fruition.

According to a recent report, WWE is looking at possibly creating a new Nation Of Domination faction. The rumors claim that guys like Big E., Kofi Kingston, R-Truth, Xavier Woods, and possibly even Mark Henry, are under consideration as guys who could be part of the group.

In my opinion, this idea is nothing but good. There’s nothing negative that can be said about it. I think the idea itself would result in a strong nostalgic reaction from the current audience who either fondly remembers, or has heard about, the original Nation Of Domination, or at least certainly know that The Rock was kind of created out of that faction.

And that’s what’s so good about the idea for today.

All of those guys I just listed are all talented performers in their own right. None of them are really doing much of anything these days, so first and foremost, it would at least be something for a bunch of talented people to do.

More importantly, if you look throughout history at all of the great factions, they almost always spin out a strong singles Superstar when all is said and done. There’s examples for days, such as The Rock coming out of Nation Of Domination, Triple H coming out of D-Generation X, Randy Orton and Batista coming out of Evolution, and then guys today like Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt seeming like guaranteed candidates for potential main event players in WWE.

All of those guys, Big E., Kofi Kingston, R-Truth, Xavier Woods and Mark Henry all have something to offer. Henry has flirted in or around the main event spot before. Kingston has received a few pushes towards the top that were quickly halted. Big E. just came off a mini-run where the company showed signs of possibly wanting to do something with him. R-Truth in the early days of TNA was as hot a prospect in the business as any other. Woods has a word of potential that hasn’t been tapped in WWE yet.

Each guy has something to offer, and most likely one of them will end up breaking ahead of the pack and garnering himself a bit of career momentum when eventually coming out of this thing.

With Henry at one point being part of the original Nation Of Domination group, if he were to be involved today, it would be a nice tie-in to have to connect the original group to the modern group. I’m not exactly sure he should be the “spokesperson” for the group, but his inclusion — due to his roots — makes for interesting story telling.

The only possible negative I can see with this idea, if it were to ever happen of course, is that there’s a chance things could go the other way. They are technically a couple of other factions in WWE. At least by definition, they fit the bill.

Like it or not, 3MB is technically a faction. In some sense, Los Matadores, if you include El Torito, could be considered a faction. It’s three or more established performers that are part of a unit.

Things could always lean towards that side, however I think with the level of talent that is being considered for such a group, there would be enough there for it to resonate on a higher level than something like 3MB or Los Matadores.

If they do the right way, however, then the opportunity opens up for them to work with the likes of The Wyatt Family and/or The Shield, as anytime a faction breaks through at a top level while another faction is around, they ultimately collide at some point or another.

The early part of this faction, as I understand it from what I’ve been told and what I’ve read, is for them to unite to oppose Rusev, a guy who is gone through almost all of the guys being considered for the group at one point or another.

I’m not sure if that’s the greatest launch pad for such a faction, as I can’t see WWE jobbing out Rusev just yet, and if they’re going to be a group of guys getting dismantled by one giant Bulgarian dude, then that doesn’t exactly spell great optimism for their future status as a legitimate faction.

Other than what could be a rocky start if things go that way, it all sounds good to me. Whether or not this is something that is being seriously considered, or is something that was just thrown out at a creative meeting and then became an internet story, is beyond me. I’m hoping it’s the former. It really does sound like a good idea to me.

What do you guys think about a modern day Nation Of Domination faction in WWE? Leave your feedback in the “Comments” section below.

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