Looking At Kaitlyn’s WWE Departure


As everyone knows, WWE Diva Kaitlyn has asked for her release today from World Wrestling Entertainment.

The 27 year old has been with the company since 2010. In her short wrestling career she has went through a lot. From her rocky start with some images online, all the way to winning the WWE Divas title. Kaitlyn has done it all in the world of WWE and is time for her to move on.

She was in a really good feud in 2013 with AJ Lee over the Divas title. I believe she shined in her role, but as of late she has not been used on WWE television which makes me believe that was one of the reasons she left WWE today.

She says she has a huge project in the works and that is still to be seen what it is. Either way I think the Divas division needs her more than she needs it. She was a good wrestler and that division needs more of those than what they have now.

When you look at that division, they are lacking someone can actually wrestler. Aside from AJ Lee, Natalya and even Brie Bella are coming into her own. Who is left on the roster who can actually go In the ring?

Page and Emma who are in NXT as of right now, will come up soon and those chicks can work. I see Kaitlyn returning down the road, but not any time soon. This was an out of the blue announcement and I wish her the best in her future.

She was a one-time Divas champion and was ranked 5th on Pro Wrestling Illustrated top 50 female singles wrestlers in 2013.

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