Looking At Roman Reigns & Big Show’s Pushes


Survivor Series was a below average PPV. I was a bit too disappointed with this Pay Per View.


It was an average show with two matches around the three star level, but nothing was that memorable.

1) We’ve seen Del Rio vs Cena numerous times.

2) Randy Orton Vs Big Show was one of the most boring match I’ve recently seen.

3) Let’s not comment about Diva’s match or Ryback’s dull challenges.

Keeping negatives aside, Survivor Series will be remembered by memorable performance of the shining member of The Shield, Roman Reigns. The only thing I personally missed from Survivor Series was J.R putting over Reigns after his incredible spear.

Vince loves to push ‘larger than life’ wrestlers: Big Show is monotonous, boring, dull, repetitive, toneless and unchanged. Crowd is dead for Big Show most of the time. The last time I heard Big Show’s match getting a cheer was on Smack Down, when he faced Brock Lesner.

Still Big Show is getting a main event push OVER Daniel Bryan and C.M Punk.


1st reason: Big Show is ‘larger than life’.

2nd reason: If Trent Barreta and Briley Pierce’s accusation is believed, some people in WWE management accept sexual favours for push.

Big Show, please tell us the right reason.

Let’s come back to Roman Reigns.

He can carry a match unlike John Cena.

He can draw a crowd, unlike The Big Show.

At 6’3” and 265 lbs, Reigns is the same size as Brock Lesnar.

This means, he is also ‘larger than life’, unlike Ambrose, Bryan, Punk and Ziggler.

His unbelievable passion is impossible to ignore. Roman Reigns is, for the above reasons, a better wrestler to push than The Big Show.

For the past few weeks, RAW has been really boring. The Corporation angle is getting boring. The thing WWE should learn from the NWO-WCW angle is, they failed to create new wrestlers. NWO buried talented wrestlers.

Roman Reigns can come out from Corporation as a Face, and go on to challenge Orton, or maybe even win the Royal Rumble, and headline WrestleMania.

Roman Reigns facing Randy Orton or C.M Punk for Unified WWE Championship at Wrestlemania 30 can steal the show.

I can also see Triple H putting over Roman Reigns, just how he did with Sheamus couple of Mania back.

I believe he is ready for a push. I am ready to watch him headline WrestleMania.

Your views?

(New member, please be gentle)

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