​Madusa Changes Her Tune – Gives High Praise To Nikki Bella On Social Media – Details


Madusa has done a 180 on comments about Nikki Bella and the Divas Revolution, praising Nikki for “conquering her dream” and saying she wishes the former Divas Champion “nothing but happiness.” You can see the Instagram post, which includes an image of Nikki’s empowerment speech at The Centre for Women in Tampa last week.

The praise comes after she had posted a couple of weeks ago saying that she was “the real revolutionary” that started the Divas Revolution and saying of the current Divas, “Most of you are over rated! Half of you cannot wrestle, some just sound illiterate as soon as you open your pie hole, all so disrespectful. If I were you all I would be watching your back! You never know who @natbynature might show up with just to b—h slap a few across the face for a receipt! Oh and where in the hell is #teambad #tobusywithglowsticks and things that #glowinthedark as far as I am concerned.”

As you can see in her newer post below, the Hall of Famer says that she was just having “fun as a character” with the previous post.

I would like to make myself clear that I am very proud of this woman she is fearless, beautiful and confident. We all have dreams that we reach with dreams and goals only to end and get bigger. Nikki is conquering her next dream and I think it is an area that is well needed. When I first met this woman during my induction into the WWE Hall of Fame she was strong, jovial and vibrant and I loved talking to her. I wish her nothing but happiness and never give up on your dreams. Also a lot of you are probably wondering why am writing this and fans thinking that I dislike the Bella’s …. . I never said I didn’t like them I only have fun as a character on my social media etc. it’s opposite I completely adore @thenikkibella @thebriebella
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