Magnus Comments On TNA Moving To Destination America & Why It’s A Good Move


Former TNA World Heavyweight champion Magnus appeared on The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling this week to promote tomorrow night’s live edition of Impact Wrestling.

Down below is an excerpt from the interview in which he talks about the move from Spike TV to Destination America:

“It’s such an important thing and I think that for me we tend to pay a little too close attention to the fans that are going to be there regardless and not to disparage those fans because we appreciate them, but I sometimes think that we take their feedback so seriously that we forget the feedback of the casual audience which is really the difference between WWE and everyone else. The amount of people watching WWE who are burying it or saying that I hate this or that are the ones who watch WWE no matter what and everyone else are the people who are just going to watch at this point in time. For those viewers you get two minutes to make an impression and if you have a great set and look then it gives you a better chance to build your audience.”

You can listen to the entire interview down below.

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