​Magnus Explains Why He Signed With Global Force Wrestling, Who He Wants To Work With & More


Magnus was recently interviewed by Josh Lopez, here are the highlights…

What Excited Him About GFW?: “First and foremost is working with new talent. It goes without saying over the past six years I have spent time with TNA Impact Wrestling and I’m very grateful and proud of those years by the way and I work with just about every single person that was there. I was fortunate to get work with somebody spectacular talent that it helped me become a better performer. Everybody from Samoa Joe to AJ Styles to Doug Williams back in the day, Bobby Roode and James Storm, Sting, Booker T, Kurt Angle the list goes on and on. I’m looking to wrestle places where I can mix it up with good talent, so I can showcase what I can do. I’m looking forward to mixing it up with new and hungry talent.”

Who Does He Want To Work With in GFW?: “I’ve been a big fan of PJ Black (Justin Gabriel) for a long time. I hope to get to mix it up with him sometime. Jeff has always had a good eye for talent. I love tag team wrestling and the fact that the Bullet Club are working with Global is pretty exciting. I’ve got to work with Gallows quite a bit and I love Gallow’s he’s a great talent and I’ve always been a fan of Karl Anderson. So to get a opportunity to do that with those guys would be sweet because I love tag team wrestling and it’s a different style of storytelling than singles competition.”

Was His TNA Title Run What He Wanted It To Be?: “No not really, there was circumstances out of my control that made it a little bit difficult at the beginning. I can’t speak for them, but I guess. I feel that the problem with AJ Styles leaving TNA left a bad taste not only in the mouth of the fans, but also people who were working within TNA at the time. Some of that through no fault of my own kind of rubbed on me, but that’s my take on it. I felt it created a strange atmosphere. I just turned 27 and I was still continuing to mature and I sort of felt this responsibility for AJ’s departure even though I had nothing to do with it. I was just doing what I was told. I felt that I was put into awkward spot and I got scapegoated for it. They made me a knee jerk reaction because they thought Eric Young was going to get a lot of mainstream attention they sort of thought that a good opportunity was coming their way and that’s my understanding of it.”

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