Main Event Will See No Improvements Airing Live


It was announced over the weekend that WWE Main Event would be airing live this Tuesday and then in its normal time slot on the ION network. I saw that and laughed. Do you really expected anything different from the show? Take it from someone who was in attendance for the very first TV taping and saw an awesome match between two champions at the time, CM Punk defeating Sheamus. The WWE champion defeating world champion in a classic match, however it was followed by Santino Marella and Zack Ryder defeated Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel in a first-round tag team tournament match.

Either way you looked at it, the show saw two very important match ups that went down in 2012. They had such a good production and more importantly product.

Look at last week’s Main Event, this is what you got: Cody Rhodes, Goldust, Los Matadores and El Torito vs. 3MB, Eva Marie and Natalya vs. Alicia Fox and Aksana, Bad News Barrett promo, Darren Young vs. Titus O’Neil, Sin Cara vs. Damien Sandow

What that shows me is filler and some rematches for Raw and Smackdown. It is all filler and no real good matches to care about.

Main Event went from must see TV, to another edition of WWE superstars. The matches do not matter and some are unwatchable. Main Event is not what it used to be and WWE can only blame themselves for it.

So getting to the point, Main Event will not just be broadcasted on the WWE Network, but it is going to be live. Now WWE held the first NXT show AKA NXT Arrival last Thursday and while the show was a good, the stream had some major issues. I understand that the WWE Network is still a work in progress, but come on. If you really expect that to do the same numbers as WrestleMania 30 then you nuts.

I understand that they might not and hopefully do not expect the same numbers, but if you are having issues with an NXT show then how do you expect them to handle the large numbers of WrestleMania 30?

WrestleMania does a million buys every year, NXT maybe did 100,000 or at best 150,000 viewers. This could be a disaster for WWE if these issues are not handled by WrestleMania 30 in April. So they are holding a live Main Event, for one they have never done a live Main Event, second they need to get people interested in the show for a good turnout.

Since WWE have booked Main Event as a bunch of mid-card matches, can you really blame the WWE fans for not watching?

Throw in the fact that Raw is tonight and of course a three hour marathon then you want us to watch a one hour program with a bunch of filler? That WWE is not going to work whatsoever. Now maybe, just maybe, WWE will announce a solid match for the telecast for tomorrow night. If they do not, which I believe they will.

The turnout will not be good and honestly a waste of time. I would prefer just to see Main Event on Wednesday’s with a good turnout. Sure making it live is fun and no doubt gives it a special feel, but people watch the show to see good wrestling.

Expect WWE to give a good match for Main Event for their second testing of the WWE Network.

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