​Major Backstage Update On The Issues Between Hernandez, TNA & Lucha Underground


Source: Pwinsider.com

As previously reported, TNA found themselves in a difficult situation this past week when they had to release Hernandez and scrap many segments of future TV. This was because TNA was sent a cease and desist letter from Lucha Underground stating that Hernandez was still under contract to them. Here are the latest details …

* Hernandez was signed by TNA following a strong recommendation from MVP. Hernandez stated that he was free and clear of any contractual obligations with any other promotion and that he was released from Lucha Underground. TNA included a clause in Hernandez’ contract (he signed after his attorney signed off on it) that included that Hernandez was presenting himself as a free agent. He then taped several weeks of TV.

* According to sources at Lucha Underground, Hernandez requested a release, but did not actually receive one. Hernandez was told that if he wished to receive his release and get out of filming new seasons that it could be done, but that he would have to agree not to work someone else’s TV until after August 5th (the Lucha Underground season one finale date). Lucha Underground told him that if he agreed to that and a no compete (no specifics on that) that he would be granted his full release. Lucha Underground reportedly had no issues with Hernandez finding regular work and even told him he would be welcomed back if he followed their requests. Once he appeared on TNA Impact while Lucha Underground was still airing season one, all bets were off.

* TNA sources state that Hernandez told them that he verbal release from Lucha Underground, and provided proof that there was communication between himself and Lucha Underground that a release was in the works. TNA told Hernandez if he wanted to try and fight Lucha Underground in court that would be happy to use his footage and gave him a deadline to file something in court in California against Lucha Underground that would possibly provide a temporary restraining order against his Lucha Underground contract and allow him to appear on TNA TV. Hernandez did not file anything, and TNA then made the decision to release him and remove him from TV. They will fill this time by using clips from Slammiversary and new material that they will film next week.

* TNA sources stated that the company offered to pay Lucha Underground for the rights to use the Hernandez material that was already filmed. Lucha Underground denies that any financial offer was made.

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