March 2017 Mailbag Q&A – Wrestling Smack Talk Podcast Episode #276


The content for this week’s playlist of Smark Out Moment SMACK TALK wrestling podcasts (episode #276) consists of the following videos:

Hot Tags Topics of the Week

  • Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella naming their daughter Birdie Joe Danielson
  • WWE Presents: UK Championship Live on Saturday May 6th and Sunday May 7th
  • Edge and Christian starting E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness on March 24th
  • Adam Rose announces this will be his last year in wrestling
  • Finn Balor and Hideo Itami return to in-ring action at live events
  • Rusev possibly missing WrestleMania due to shoulder surgery
  • Cedric Alexander out 3-5 months with knee injury
  • WWE was “one day away” from introducing Bully Ray in August before backing out
  • Bring it to the Table episode 2 thoughts

Ask Him! Wrestling Trivia Question of the Week & Rest Hold Commercial Break Interlude

  • Revealing the answer to last week’s question and recapping all of the guesses and responses from the audience.
  • This week’s trivia question: Who was the first man eliminated from an Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal and who tossed him out?
  • The WWE “Did You Know?” joke of the week
  • Winner of the “Smark My Words” comment of the week
  • Promotional notes for the Sign Me Up initiative, merchandise shop, and more.

Internet Wrestling Community Outreach: March Mailbag Questions & Answers Inbox

  • “Why is it every time Vince brings in a wrestler that comes to the WWE he or she needs a stupid gimmick name just to confuse the audience and to not know who they are?”
  • “What would be your dream match to watch if u could have any guys from any era face each other?”
  • “Have you ever sent a dick pic?”
  • “Do you guys watch any anime?”
  • “What is your favourite wrestling theme today?”
  • “What is your favourite wrestling theme of all time?”
  • “What is everyone’s PC specs and do you guys recommend Intel over AMD or the other way around?”
  • “Tony, you and Wago discussed the F%^& That Guy induction. Last year, you inducted Lanny Poffo as the inaugural member. Since there’s numerous options, why don’t I through out a few, and you guys discuss their merits?”
  • “Shaun’s not going to give us his time, but can he at least elaborate on what he was watching or what other factors were involved in his “fastest time”? The rest of you are welcome to kick in if you want… but I doubt it.”
  • “Besides the one that’s coming out and the ones listed in the Did You Know, are there any other wrestling-centric porn parody names you can think of? I’m gonna kick in “May 69th”.”
  • “What’s your best and worst gimmick match?”
  • “What’s your opinion on having regional championships (UK, Asia etc) and should they make the US a regional title if they’re going down this route?”
  • “Do you think the porno of The Montreal Screw job will hurt the legacy of the event?”
  • “Which wrestler would you want to see a movie based on there life? I’d like to see one on Ultimate Warrior”
  • “My local indy promotion is advertising The Spirit Squad Kenny and Mikey so are they still under WWE contract? I ask because I remember you saying they had a weird deal or something like that”
  • “Which commentator is worse Bryan Saxton or Josh Matthews?”
  • “The U.K has titles like duke, king etc do you think Tyler Bait should get a title like Duke, Master, Royal Gesture or something along does lines”
  • “Do you think WWE is doing a Fabulous Moolah or Eddie Guerrero (Cruiserweight) Memorial Battle Royal? Do you think we will get Boss Vs Boss Sasha Banks Vs Stephanie McMahon at Summerslam?”
  • “Do you think Rene Young is winning the Smackdown Woman’s title? That was my first impression when I heard about the match. Also do you think Andrea D’Marco, Dasha Fuentes, Eva Marie, Naoim or Tamina compete at Mania?”
  • “Which incarnation of Jeff Hardy is your favorite: Jeff hardy, Willow, Brother Nero or Itchweeed?”
  • “WWE wants Broken Matt Hardy and Brother Nero, but do they want Rebby Sky, King Maxel, Senior Benjamin, Vanguard 1?”
  • “At Tag Team Apocalypto Broken Matt Hardy and Brother Nero won to become the greatest tag team of all space and time. Who do you think is the best tag team of all space and time?”

Hosted by Anthony Mango along with Shaun Walker



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