March to WrestleMania 38 Preview: Crash Course Recap of the Midcard Titles


WrestleMania season is the time of year where many casuals jump back into WWE, but are completely lost about what is going on. While some start rewatching around Royal Rumble and take part in the entire Road to WrestleMania, others need more of a crash course to cram at the last minute. Hence, we’re in the March to WrestleMania, and I’m here to give you a tl;dr recap of what you need to know.

Our first post was on the four world titles. Check that out if you missed it. This post will focus on the two secondary titles and the tertiary 24/7 Championship.

The United States Championship Scene

Damian Priest had one of the best win-loss records of 2021. It was his first year on the main roster and he emphatically avoided the NXT call-up curse, ending with 55 wins and 8 losses. Most of those losses were in ways to protect him, too, such as not being pinned in a tag team match, losing by disqualification or losing a multi-man match like the Royal Rumble or a battle royal (which he was the runner-up for, too).

In the process, he captured the United States Championship over Sheamus at SummerSlam and held it all the way until he happened to get a little cocky recently and call out a world title caliber opponent.

He got his wish in Finn Balor, who scored a pinfall and won the title. This prompted Priest to lash out, fully turn heel and badmouth the fans.

This is rather straightforward. It seems as though this feud will continue into WrestleMania, with Priest getting a rematch. Whether he has to earn that or will just be granted one (despite the “no more automatic rematch clause” edict from before) remains to be seen. We can only hope there are some interesting wrinkles to this story, too, such as the return of Demon King Balor and possibly more of Priest leaning toward his “Damian side”.

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