March to WrestleMania 38 Preview: Crash Course Recap of the Tag Team Titles


WrestleMania season is the time of year where many casuals jump back into WWE, but are completely lost about what is going on. While some start rewatching around Royal Rumble and take part in the entire Road to WrestleMania, others need more of a crash course to cram at the last minute. Hence, we’re in the March to WrestleMania, and I’m here to give you a tl;dr recap of what you need to know.

Part 1 – World Titles | Part 2 – Midcard Titles

This post will round out the discussion on the championships before we move on to the final entry of “everything else.”

The Raw Tag Team Championship Scene

Are you hungry? Well, WWE is serving up a piping dish of HOT POTATO for the Raw Tag Team Championship!

RK-Bro dropped the belts to Alpha Academy a few weeks back. It seemed everything was falling into place for Randy Orton to turn heel on Riddle and spark a feud between those two that would lead to a match at WrestleMania.

Then, a few weeks later, Otis and Chad Gable simply dropped the titles back to RK-Bro for a reset.

In the meantime, Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins tried their hands at winning the belts and The Street Profits were in the mix, too, scoring some victories and suffering some losses.

Quite simply, this has been a situation where WWE just keeps putting these tag teams together in matches or in singles fights to kill time. There is no story. Whoever isn’t holding the gold wants to and they all keep going in circles.

This last episode of Raw seemingly solidified the inevitable lazy booking scenario in that WrestleMania appears to be just RK-Bro vs. Alpha Academy vs. The Street Profits to cram them all onto the card and call it a “big match” because 1) the belts are on the line, and we’re supposed to forget that WWE traditionally never cares about them, 2) those six guys are talented as hell, so the company that doesn’t like to be about professional wrestling will depend on “But you think the match will be good, right?” and 3) having these teams fight over and over and over and over again, in WWE’s eyes, means it’s a “storied rivalry” and “they know each other so well” rather than “goddamn, this repetitive stuff again?”

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