​Matt Hardy Discusses Nearly Working For The Original ECW, Says EC3 Is ‘Something Special’, & More


Matt Hardy recently spoke with Trib Live, here are the highlights…

On Almost Signing With The Original ECW: We were very close to having tryouts and working for ECW right before we eventually got signed by WWE. We were set to go work for those guys coming up, but eventually when we signed with WWE we had to cancel our stuff going forward. Who knows what would have happened. Looking back, we were at a point in our career; we were still doing stuff that would have fit in well with ECW. If we hadn’t signed with WWE when we did, there is a good chance we would have ended up on the ECW roster and that Hardy Boyz vs Dudley Boyz match would have happened a couple years before it happened in WWE.

On His Favorite Announce Team: This announce team, I love together and thought they were great. They called some of our matches, and that was Jim Ross and Paul Heyman. It was a huge mound of information coming from those two. Also, they were very entertaining when they interacted with each other. It was a short-lived team in WWE, but I thought they were great together.

On Ethan Carter III: He does. He absolutely has something special. It’s been very enjoyable for me to work with someone who is a known talent and had a breakthrough year. Someone who has the ability, skills and also the acumen he has at such a young age. He’s got a ton of potential. He’s going to be around for a long time and be a special entity in professional wrestling.

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