Mauro Ranallo Reacts To Being Backstage At RAW & SmackDown, His Future, & More


Mauro Ranallo spoke with Bleacher Report about becoming the new voice of Smackdown and more. Check out the highlights

On getting the job and his first day at Monday’s RAW: “The way this came about was really humbling. To receive an email from Michael Cole about a month ago, who is now not only a peer, but someone I will be leaning on over and over again to learn the lay of the land. To be welcomed by Vince McMahon and Triple H and Stephanie and everyone. I’ve only been here a few short hours, my first day on the job, and everyone has made me feel like a family member instantly. To see someone like Renee Young, whom I worked with in Toronto and to see the smile on her face as I went to give her a hug—it’s truly a fairy tale. It’s unbelievable; it truly is.”

On the the first meeting he had: “You visualize it and work to set yourself up for these kinds of opportunities. And when they come to fruition—I’m like a kid at Christmas. I’m just walking around here with my mouth agape that I’m part of this incredible entertainment entity. … It’s surreal. Being involved in my first meeting, obviously I can’t go into details, but I have a real good feeling about all of this. I feel really, really good and really emboldened by what I’ve seen and their attitude and their vision for the future. I think we’re not only entering a new era on USA, but in WWE. I think people will be pleasantly surprised.”

On if SmackDown will have its its own energy & vibe on the USA Network: “I’m getting that feeling. It’s a brand-new platform, and it’s great to have both programs under one umbrella at the USA Network. I get the sense they want to make it kind of a hybrid between Raw, the flagship show with all the storylines and great performances from our Superstars in the ring, and what’s happening in NXT. That’s really been a phenomenon, and I’m a huge proponent of that style of storytelling. I think if SmackDown can become a hybrid of the two, we’ll have a win.

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