Mexico’s Greatest Export Gets …Exported


The news broke on Thursday that former World Champion Alberto Del Rio was released by WWE after an altercation with a WWE employee. wrote the following about the incident:

“WWE announced the release of Alberto Del Rio due to unprofessional conduct and an altercation with an employee.”

While WWE has yet to reveal who the altercation was with, or what provoked it, a separate report from RF Video’s Rob Feinstein claims that Del Rio was canned for allegedly slapping a WWE social media department executive during a recent WWE television taping.

Since his release, there have already been rumors swirling that TNA is interested in who JBL describes as “Mexico’s greatest export.”

And therein lies the problem.

For starters, TNA is in the middle of tremendous budget cuts and unless things change (which according to recent rumors, might actually happen) may be on the verge of going out of business if their television partner — Spike TV — chooses not to renew their weekly Thursday cable time slot.

Why TNA would be interested in throwing money at another WWE outcast is beyond me, although to their credit, in this case, the WWE outcast is one that actually has some name value in the modern wrestling climate, as opposed to being an older veteran who has seen his better days.

Back to the problem I referenced above, I can’t see a scenario where TNA would be able to offer Del Rio as much money as he would likely be offered in Mexico. With Mexican wrestling promotion AAA looking to enter the United States market, Del Rio would be the perfect guy to help establish their presence in this country.

Del Rio is the son of Mexican wrestling legend Dos Caras, and nephew of an even bigger Mexican wrestling legend, Mil Mascaras. Considering his heritage and the fact that he is fresh off of a pretty successful WWE run, one would assume that the Mexican wrestling scene will be all over the former champion.

Whatever the case may be, WWE inadvertently loosened up additional budget space with the release of Del Rio. The company has been cutting talent, executives, writers and an entire magazine division in an attempt to offset losses generated by the launch of the WWE Network. Considering the fact that Del Rio was likely one of the higher paid wrestlers in the company, his release may have saved a couple of prelim-level wrestlers from being axed in the next round of expected cuts.

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