Mick Foley Holds A Comedy Show Last Night – Read A Live Fan Report From The Event Here


Credit: Steven Stokes and Prowrestling.net

A fairly decent crowd that Mick noticed when they brought the house lights up at the end. I will say I was surprised as well, for a Tuesday night. Pretty comparable show to the WWE Network Cheap Pops Show, but it was different more than it was the same, which was nice. Some funny stories, but a pretty good portion was about the Hell in a Cell match. Some other good stories about his matches with Terry Funk, and a story about the infamous incident when losing his ear. He also shared a story about how he got his break in the Old Sioux City Auditorium here when he signed with WCW.

It was a fun show and Mick was so accommodating. He brought up a girl whose childhood dream was to meet him and gave her a hug on stage, and also brought up the lonely lady who was was at the show alone to be his F bomb tracker. Mick also stayed like an extra two hours signing autographs and taking pictures with ALL of the attendees. Awesome. I bought a t-shirt, photo, Socko package for 40 bucks, and Mick drew a Socko face and signed my photo and Socko sock.

I would say anyone that could attend his show should spend the money. Tickets for this show were $16, and you get such an amazing deal. It was so worth buying his merch and getting two autographs and a picture with Mick.

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