​Mick Foley Reveals His “Mid-Season WWE All-Star Team” – The New Day, Brock Lesnar & Nikki Bella


Mick Foley has posted a new entry on his Facebook page, in which he picked his WWE mid-season all-star team. Here are highlights:

New Day: “The New Day had seen better days before the P.O.P. (Power of Positivity) chased those blues away. As one of the most entertaining groups in the WWE, New Day is looking to become 2-time Tag Champs at Battleground. New…Day Rocks!”


Brock Lesnar: “Brock Lesnar may not always be around but when he is, he’s the most intimidating Superstar in the WWE. Nobody voluntarily takes the trip to Suplex City…and for good reason. The Beast Incarnate won’t stop until he gets what he wants; the WWE World Heavyweight Championship…and when he gets it, he still will show his dominance at the top of the WWE.”

Nikki Bella: “Say what you want about Nikki Bella, but she improves every week, beats every Diva in sight, and is one of the longest reigning Divas Champions ever. 2015 is her best year to date, as it’s going to take a lot to take that Divas Championship away from her.”

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