​Mickie James Says She Wants To Face Paige If She Ever Returns To WWE, Discusses Her Goals, More


During a recent interview with The Roman Show. Mickie James spoke about who’d she’d like to face if she returned to the WWE and more. Here are the highlights…

On Working With Paige is She Makes a WWE Return: “Paige. I am going to take her out now. If you don’t see her it’s not my fault. The girls have been killing it in NXT. Kudos to the girls of NXT for killing it. It’s a tough one. They are all so good. I would like to take on Charlotte. That would be fun because I’ve been friends with Ric Flair. He does nothing, but brag about her. He is proud of her as he should be.”

On Reaching Her Goals: “I don’t know. That would be amazing,” she said about returning to the WWE. “I got into wrestling to be a WWE superstar that was my goal. I watched WWE as a child. I was a fan. That’s were I wanted to be. I was fortunate and blessed to achieve that goal. I am grateful. But if I had the opportunity come back course I would be back to kick their butts, easy competition. Just kidding.”

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