Misleading And Inconsistent Storylines


Is anyone else wondering what happened to the storyline of Brock Lesnar being the self proclaimed #1 contender? It wasn’t that long ago when Paul Heyman was speaking of his beast, Brock Lesnar, in the same breath as the face of the WWE, Randy Orton. This is one of the storylines that intrigued me the most heading into 2014. Unfortunately, it seems as though it got lost in the shuffle or it got re-written just like many other storylines along the way.

When Brock Lesnar came onto the scene last year and F5’ed John Cena, the WWE universe was excited, as it symbolized an attitude of change. There looked to be a real change in direction and script, which was something we were waiting for as the product had become predictable and stale. It was a long time since the wrestling world had witnessed his breathtaking strength and ability, something most wrestlers at that time couldn’t match. I do understand that he wouldn’t be the same wrestler he was years ago, but his pure physicality was something that could not be over matched. Consequently, I remember the crowd going crazy for Brock’s return, something that didn’t happen for Bautista.

As the Elimination Chamber PPV has now passed, I just have to wonder why all the talk of, “Eat Sleep Conquer Repeat “was a setup for a month long confrontation with the Big Show. While I have to admit that the barrage of chair shots on Big Show’s arm at the Royal Rumble was quite entertaining, the match made absolutely zero sense and had nothing to do with Brock competing for the title. In my opinion, it would have made much more sense to have Lesnar win the Royal Rumble instead of Batista, to further solidify his status as the #1 Contender. This could of then gave Lesnar a good 2 month run as Champion and also setting up a much better Elimination Chamber match then the one we just witnessed.

Furthermore, the Wrestlemania XXX main event could be much more entertaining, as the possibilities for his opponent would have been plentiful. One of the scenarios could have been Daniel Bryan facing Lesanr and winning the title, something we all have been clamoring for. I can definitely see this being more appealing then Bryan vs. Kane, which seems to be the direction WWE is heading. Again, why do we want to see Kane wrestle against an already over, fan favorite, and should be Champion?

I do realize that scripts change from time to time, especially when stars like CM Punk have internal issues and are sitting on the sidelines pondering their future. What confuses me in the Brock Lesnar storyline is why even mention the repeat or championship aspect of it if you have no intent of him being in a title match? I think this is just a case of the writers being pressed to change their minds because Vince or Triple HHH had a revelation the night before. I must be mistaken as I thought “What’s best for business” meant “what the WWE universe wants.” Obviously, I understand things happen, but I just wish there was more consistency with their direction, especially when it comes to the most over wrestlers on the roster.

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