Molly Holly & Ivory Discuss The WWE Divas Division & The State Of Women’s Wrestling, Natalya, More


The following are highlights of a new Miami Herald interview with former WWE Divas Ivory and Molly Holly.

Ivory on what she has been doing since leaving WWE: “I work with dogs and cats all day long. I work by myself, for myself. I’m around 15 or 20 dogs every day of my life. It’s just like wrestling.”


Ivory on the current state of women’s wrestling in WWE: “I was fortunate enough to watch Bayley at NXT, when they had their matches. Those girls were on fire. It’s all around us. Great ladies’ wrestling is all around us. So it has not disappeared by any means.”

Molly Holly on what she has been doing since leaving WWE: “I work at Teen Challenge, which is a worldwide organization that helps people overcome alcohol and drug addiction.”

Molly Holly on catching up with Natalya and watching Madusa go into the WWE Hall Of Fame: “I talked to Nattie [Natalya] a little bit, and I complimented her inducting Madusa. It’s about time. She really paved the way for me. To be able to be there, and she did such an awesome job with her speech. I thought it was great.”

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