Monday Night Raw 9/14/2015 buildup to Night of Champions 2015.


I’m really enjoying Raw tonight with them promoting the Cancer Foundations they support, Connor’s Cure and Breast Cancer Awareness. I think it was smart Booking to keep the Tag Titles on New Day to face The Dude Boyz, that way it’s the way it should be, good guys vs. Bad guys. I believe that the Authority is hoping to help Seth Rollins with both Cena and Sting’s matches. I liked the story that Paige and Sasha Banks told

in there Match, that the old cliche is true “You can never tell what’s going to happen in the WWE”. They haven’t been living up to that the past few years, but they’ve been living up to it more recently. I guess I don’t see why they put Nikki Bella as Divas Champion because I think Bella doesn’t deserve the Title but to be fair they know what they are doing.

I like that they are showing Sting’s best moment but I think they should have mentioned that Sting started in Memphis TN. I can’t wait to see Rollins and Reigns Partner is and I also like the build up to Ryback and Kevin Owens I.C. Title Match and it makes me wonder what they want to do with Owens. Sting and the Big Show haven’t faced each other since I believe 1998 so I’m excited to see how well they work with each other.

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