Money In The Bank 2018 Preview and Match Predictions


Bobby Lashley vs. Sami Zayn

F all of this.

Honestly, screw this and anyone involved booking this deplorable feud. WWE has already managed to pilfer the selling point of Bobby Lashley’s character upon his return, and they have reduced one of the best in-ring talents in the world to talk about what they got in their Instagram DM’s like a schoolgirl. It’s honestly sickening and downright embarrassing that chunks of time was devoted to a story so awful. If you haven’t been in the know, basically Lashley hurt Sami with an extended vertical suplex, causing Sami to miss the Greatest Royal Rumble (he actually couldn’t go because he was a Syrian Muslim), so now he’s mad and tries to attack Bobby personally. He gets grown ass men to play women and tries to see what his “sisters” have to say about him. He goes into his Instagram account. He prepares a military-like training station to see what he’s made of. All for what?

This feud is the epitome of WWE programming for the past month. Nothing has any meaning, and this feud won’t have any worthwhile payoff. Bobby is winning this match because duh, of course, he is.

Winner: Bobby Lashley


Roman Reigns vs. Jinder Mahal

Whole lotta meh.

Another essentially pointless match that has an obvious outcome. Jinder Mahal cost Roman Reigns a MITB qualifying match so now they hate each other and bah gawd they just have to have a match to settle the score this Sunday. Here’s a suggestion. If a match can be had on RAW which would effectively end the beef, then you don’t need it on PPV to waste time. Honestly, if Roman and Jinder actually had a match last night on RAW and Roman won, we wouldn’t need to progress this any further. I suppose structurally there isn’t anything wrong with it, but it’s just a waste of time, more so for Roman, because it’s clear he has bigger things coming for him in the summer and Jinder is just something for him to do in the interim.

If I’m Jinder, I need to make a good impression on myself. There’s only so long he’s going to be working with top-tier main eventers, and if he doesn’t show WWE anything worthwhile, he may never reach the mountaintop again like he did last year. For me, Jinder hasn’t shown me that he can handle the main event spotlight. He’s not a unique character, his matches are all the same, and he just doesn’t click for me. He’s better suited in the mid-card so he can hone his skills. Anyways, Roman is winning because LOL at the thought of Jinder beating Roman.

Winner: Roman Reigns



Seth Rollins (C) vs. Elias – Intercontinental Championship

Don’t they kind of look like brothers standing side by side?

Believe it or not, this is the match that I’m looking forward too on the entire card. Seth Rollins has been killing it in 2018, especially on PPV, and I think Elias is just the right person next to challenge for the title. I’m convinced both men could bring out the best in each other and in a card that features 10 matches, I think this can steal the show if it’s given the time. It just depends on what they are given to work with. Hopefully, it’s in the 12-15 minute range. Anyways, the feud has been basic as usual, but both men are talented enough to make the match work and engage the crowd and I’m counting on that this Sunday.

Seth Rollins has been gold for the Intercontinental Championship and I can’t see him losing it any time soon. Even though I think Elias should be next in line to hold the title, I don’t think now is the time. Seth is going to continue to burn it down with the title of the workhorses in this industry. Sunday won’t be any different for me.

Winner: Seth Rollins

Nia Jax (C) vs. Ronda Rousey – RAW Women’s Championship

I wonder if Ronda will take Nia’s arm and deep fry it.

So Nia still that “don’t fat-shame and bully others” face or is she a heel now? Cause I’m not sure what to make of her at this point. This will be Ronda Rousey’s first singles match as a WWE superstar, and while she impressed heavily at WrestleMania, working with Nia is going to be different than working with Triple H and Stephanie. We’ve already seen Ronda make Nia tap out, and do it quite effortlessly, and while the law of reverse momentum states that Ronda would normally lose on Sunday, I can’t see Ronda already losing her first match.

I think the odds are pretty good that Ronda wins the Women’s Championship and begins a feud with Natalya.

Winner: Ronda Rousey

The Bludgeon Brothers (C) vs. Gallows and Anderson – Smackdown Tag Team Championship

Who cares about this?

Honestly, this is something that’s just there and nothing more. The laziest form of booking a tag team match is to just put individual members of each team into singles matches. There’s been no heat to this feud at all. There’s no reason to get behind either team. It’s just four men fighting for tag belts and that’s it. I really have nothing else to add other than it being quite obvious that the Bludgeon Brothers are winning. This will probably be pre-show.

Winners: The Bludgeon Brothers


Carmella (C) vs. Asuka – Smackdown Women’s Championship

Is Mella money or pocket change?

I thought Carmella beating Charlotte was improbable, but I can’t even fathom what I’d do if she were to beat Asuka. Carmella really hasn’t done anything for me since winning the Smackdown Women’s Championship, and I think we should all just go towards the Asuka/Charlotte rematch that we all know is coming down the line, and I think it starts here. Sorry, but I don’t think Carmella is a long-term talent, and barring her intentionally disqualifying herself from the match, I got Asuka winning the strap. Once again, I’m aware that the law of reverse momentum says that once you get a leg up on the champion the week before a PPV, you’re not going to win on PPV, but it’s not true in every situation.

Winner: Asuka

Daniel Bryan vs. Big Cass

Cass doesn’t have any believability, and unfortunately, you can’t teach that.

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